Salesforce Survey

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Survey forms are a great way to collect information and feedback from the people/customers that matter most to your organization. It is analyzed carefully by a specially trained group of people to make key decisions.

Survey forms are a great way to collect information and feedback from the people/customers that matter most to your organization. It is analyzed carefully by a specially trained group of people to make key decisions.

What is Salesforce Survey?

Surveys are for collecting feedback and data from your users or customers by using a simple editor. The survey data that you collect from participants is stored in your org. You can then use Salesforce to view survey data, create reports and dashboards, and share insights with your company.


  1. Enable & create a Community.
  2. Enable Salesforce survey by setup à Survey Settings.
  3. Select the domain for which we created community.

Salesforce Survey

4. Create and assign permission set to the users who need to create and access Survey by giving CRED permission on Survey objects.

5. Survey object is a Standard object. Drag and drop the object into the App in which you want to access it. App Manager à Click Edit on the Selected App à Drag and drop the Survey object into Selected Tab list.

Salesforce Survey

Create Survey:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click New to open the Survey Builder.
  2. Edit the survey’s title page.
  3. To add a question page, click Add Page in the sidebar.

Salesforce Survey

4. To add one or more questions to the page, click Add Question. Below is the question type that we can add:

  • Date
  • Multiple Choice
  • Picklist
  • Radio
  • Rating
  1. Customize the survey’s “Thank You” page.
  2. To review how the survey looks, click Preview.
  3. Click Activate the survey so that you can send it to participants.

Example – Preview of a Survey system:

Created a Survey system to collect the feedback on Solar panel.

Send Survey to Participants:

After activating the survey, we can send it to customers to gather data. We can invite participants either by generating an invitation link or by sending an email invitation.

To enable participants to take the survey without logging in, make sure that:

  • Communities are enabled in your org.
  • Public access is enabled for the community.
  • On the Survey Settings page, the community is selected as the default for generating public survey invitations.

To Generate Survey Link:

  1. In the Survey Builder, select Send à Get Link.
  2. Select whether you want to send your survey to participants within your company or outside your company.
  3. Copy the survey link, and send it to your participants

Send Survey Invitations by Email:

  1. In the Survey Builder, select Send | Send Email.

2. Select a question or the survey link and click Next.

3. Compose the email. You can include up to 50 recipients.

4. Click Next.

5. Use the survey invitation settings to control your survey’s security.

  • Unique link – Each participant receives a unique invitation link. The participant’s name is associated with the participant’s response record.
  • Anonymize responses – Participants can take the survey without revealing their name or other identifying information.
  • Don’t require authentication – Participant who receives a link take the survey without logging into Salesforce or a community.
  • Auto Expires– You can set an expiration date on generating a survey invite in the Survey Builder so that Participants will not be able to access after expiration date.
  1. Click Send.

Email Preview:

View the Result of Survey:

We can view our survey results using the Analyze option.

  • How many surveys Completed or in progress?
  • Response that we receive from Customer.


  • Easy to configure.
  • Simple to collect feedback and data from your customers by using a simple editor.
  • It is smarter and faster.


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