Integrate BriteVerify with Marketo Form

BriteVerify is a contact (Email, Phone and Address) verification tool that provides secure and scalable validation. If a user enters an invalid email address in an email textbox, BriteVerify will check whether the entered email address exists or not. If it exists, it will show “Valid Email Address”. If it does not exist, it will […]

Field Trip App

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Calendly integration with Salesforce

What is Calendly?   Calendly is an app used for scheduling meetings, appointments, and events.  The goal of Calendly is to cut back the back-and-forth email chain and reduce the time spend on email replies and longer on meeting preparation.  Calendly for Salesforce  The Calendly package for salesforce has two flows. The logic of those flows […]

Integrating Address Verification from To a Finish with Salesforce

Address Verification from To a Finish is used to verify and cleanse the address, email address, and phone numbers in the salesforce automatically or by a button click. It is applicable for both standard and custom objects. It verifies both US and International addresses. This app works with the Address Cleansing service, SmartyStreets. By default, […]

Slack and Salesforce Integration

Introduction  Slack is one of the Communicating tool/channels which is used by more than 750,000 companies of all sizes. It’s not a matter how your teams work together, Slack always maps to how your company is organised and scales with your business irrespective of your team size either big or small.  Slack suits the best […]

Publish a Platform Event Using Process Builder 

Process Builder – Salesforce Configuration:  Platform events are part of Salesforce’s enterprise messaging platform. The platform supplies an event-driven messaging architecture to enable apps to communicate inside and outside Salesforce. A platform event has been defined in our Salesforce org, publish event messages from a Salesforce app using processes, flows, Apex, or an external app […]

Overview of Box integration with Salesforce 

Introduction:  Contents can be stored, managed, and securely shared with anyone and anywhere all over the world using Box integration. Box for Salesforce is used for sharing and managing the files with salesforce in a secured manner. In this article, we can learn how to integrate Box Account with salesforce to Create and share the […]