Single Sign-On Setup for Salesforce Community Portal Using Azure AD

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication type that allows users to log in with a single username and password to any of several related, independent software systems. It allows you to validate usernames and passwords against your centralized database or other client application rather than having separate user passwords managed by Salesforce. Benefits of SSO: […]

Creating a Salesforce Support Community Using Napili Template

Napili is a powerful Salesforce Self-service Community template that lets your customers get answers/ideas by posting questions to the community, and search for and view the articles. If they don’t get any solutions/ideas they are looking for, they can submit a Case to Support.

Sandbox Overview

Salesforce allows you to create multiple copies of your production organization in separate environments for different purposes, like testing, development and training, without affecting data and applications of production instance. These copies are called Sandboxes.

Dynamic Forms in Salesforce

Dynamic forms transform static data entry into an intuitive experience. It gives the ability to configure record detail fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder. It comes with a brand-new standard Lightning Component called “Field Section”. Components can be added to the page and selected fields will be added to the section and apply a filter if necessary (It’s a Summer’20 Release feature).

Integrating Zapier With Salesforce

Integration plays a significant role in this fast-growing IT world. Integration tools allow us to communicate and share the data between applications. Businesses are in need to have the latest integration tool to work much faster. There are too many integration tools in real world. In this article, we will see about one of the best integration tools called Zapier.

Salesforce Dynamic Actions

Dynamic Actions in Salesforce allow users to choose which actions need to appear in the Highlights Panel on the object’s record page. Hence, we can now control visibility of each action based on factors that we specify.

Monitor Threats using ‘Threat Detection’ App using Salesforce

Security testing is one of the non-functional testing methods. It is performed to find the flaws, or any vulnerabilities present in the security mechanism of the system. Thus, ensuring that the application is secure and fixing any security lapses are very important.

Cvent Integration with Salesforce

Cvent is a leading cloud -based enterprise event management platform. Cvent offers software packaged Cvent solutions to optimize the whole event management.

Send custom notifications using Process Builder

This feature was introduced in Summer 19, and it allows us to send the customized notifications to multiple users when important events occur; for example, notify users when a big deal is closed. We can fully customize the notification based on our need, and it keeps the other users on same page by providing relevant information at the right time.