Client Impact Story

Improving cross-organization minded architectural practice

Banner Health Partners with MST Solutions for Architectural Guidance to Digital Transformation

First, the client and their unique needs

Banner Health is one of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the United States and provides a wide variety of services with clinical settings in six states. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Banner Health is dedicated to making healthcare easier and life better.

The demand for a patient-focused experience is driving the healthcare industry to transform their technology ecosystems. This transformation, however, has not been easy and faces broad, systemic challenges. Regulations, technology and culture all play a role in complexity, adding to the IT challenge mix. Facing these challenges, Banner Health partnered with MST Solutions, to implement new processes, upskill teams, and employ techniques to give Banner Health a jump-start on a healthy and cross-organization minded architectural practice.

Business Challenges

Healthcare systems, most notably Electronic Health Record systems, target internal staff and clinicians but do not adequately serve consumers. The modern consumer has evolved rapidly and is demanding product designs and capabilities that put their Healthcare experience on par with their Amazon experience. To meet these demands, new levels of integration (and thus collaboration across teams and organizations) are required. To address these challenges, Banner partnered with MST Solutions to develop a solution architecture practice and supporting processes that better align with their organizational growth and cost objectives.

Our Solution

MST Solutions proposed new processes that would enable governance and create insight across the organization. Over an intensive yearlong engagement, MST Solutions worked rapidly to identify solutions to meet new standards of patient expectations and yield tangible organizational growth for Banner Health.

The Results

Instantiation of Solution Architecture Council (SAC) for governance and collaboration

New templates and standards for architectural artifacts

Upskilled solution architects anchoring a new standard

The new processes helped to align varying disciplines to a broader organization vision. Additionally, this has led to higher trust, better designs and higher reuse of existing systems. It also established a process for solutions governance, formalized architectural communication and collaboration across organizational boundaries and standardized architectural artifacts.