Client Impact Story

Automations to Enhance User Experience & Improve Internal Inefficiencies

Industrial Commission of Arizona partners with MST Solutions to significantly improve outdated internal data system processes and enhance customer satisfaction

First, the client and their unique needs

The Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA), an agency that manages worker’s compensation regulations for the state, saw a dire need to replace their aging COBOL legacy system.

As the agency grew, the legacy systems were strained and lacked the support needed to provide nimble changes or fix issues with the system. Meeting business demands was a daily challenge, which sent the ICA down the path of moving to a cloud infrastructure that enabled them to work with customers and constituents more effectively and efficiently. Being that the agency was midway through their lean process initiatives; it was a perfect time to decommission the legacy system for a more scalable and nimble SaaS solution.

MST’s challenge was to update all these legacy systems in such a fashion that workflows would be automated, and users would be delighted with a new self-service portal with electronic submission capabilities. These systems would put ICA in a position to effectively eliminate manual processes and improve user experience.

Business Challenges

ICA’s legacy systems included minimal integrations with other agency systems and required various manual steps to process claims. All outbound notices/documents were sent as hard-copy documents by U.S. mail. Some claims processes required up to seven manual steps to process a single document. Automating these processes would save time, eliminate the massive quantity of hard copies, and mitigate the issues and time wasted when legacy systems failed, as they often did under such an antiquated strain.

Facing such outdated technology, MST started on a digital transformation journey with ICA. We worked closely with the ICA stakeholders to ensure that clear roles and responsibilities were defined, and a commitment to implementing the project were laid out at the start of the project. Using waterfall and agile delivery methodologies, MST  worked with the client iteratively throughout the development phase and encouraged feedback at every step along the way.

Our Solution

This was an exciting challenge for MST, to develop a highly automated solution based on complex business rules with a high degree of legacy inputs and labored outputs. The solution for Claims Management and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Case Management required deep business analysis of the agency’s processes including the statutes, the various personas involved, and the vital legacy data conversion approach.

Based on our deep experience in enterprise integrations, customer relationship management, and cloud solutions, MST was selected to modernize these systems. MuleSoft was used as the integration platform and Salesforce was used for automating workflows, providing new ways for the ICA and its customers to interact and conduct business.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform was selected to integrate multiple systems and modernize the system landscape via robust APIs, effectively eliminating manual data entry processes and paper handling. Salesforce Service Cloud automated claims intake, workflows, tasks, and outbound notifications to interested parties, including insurance carriers, employers, attorneys and claimants.

The elegant, user-friendly Salesforce community portal enabled claimants, employers, carriers, and attorneys to submit electronic forms, request access to claims and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) files, file new documents to a claim, and view documents.

A live document management framework was implemented to auto-generate, store, view, merge, and zip documents through a common interface eliminating manual document maintenance. A printing solution was integrated with Salesforce using MuleSoft APIs that allowed automated printing and enveloping of documents during mailroom hours thereby eliminating all manual steps in printing the documents.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Platform & Service Cloud

Mulesoft Anypoint Integration Platform

Pitney Bowes Printing Solution

ICM ViewCenter Document

Management Integration

Adobe Sign

The Results

Reduced manual steps

Drastically reduced paper usage

Automated workflows with reminders

Created an elegant, easy-to-use portal

Overall, the ICA and MST utilized the flexibility of MuleSoft and Salesforce platforms to implement and modernize a number of key features, each intended to automate highly manual workflow and enhance user experience. The implementation produced a higher performance for the agency, especially in its ability to quickly and accurately match claims – an area that had need improvement for years. Based on continuous user feedback, MST has also been able to quickly make changes to the implementation given the flexibility in the platforms further improving the performance of the agency’s critical functions.

ICA was able to significantly reduce labor, administrative costs and improve efficiency in key performance areas while improving the overall customer experience and user interaction