Client Impact Story

Automation Enhancements for the Future

Industry-leading waste management company drastically increases efficiency through QA automation

First, the client and their unique needs

This waste management company headquartered in Arizona is an industry leader industry in recycling and refuse collecting services. Their company currently provides service across 41 states throughout the U.S and in Puerto Rico. Providing efficient recycling and waste disposal services for their customers is a top priority as they enhance their internal technologies.

Having their clients in mind, this waste management company set out to build a custom automation framework that would reduce their QA efforts and saves huge software testing time. Effectively implementing this functional automation, would increase their employee productivity and software solutions while also improving the quality of automation with the help of the test data retrieved from their databases.

By partnering with MST Solutions, they were able to incorporate a custom-built automation framework that fit their current needs and allowed for easy system enhancements as needed without 3rd party assistance. This allowed the waste management company to become more efficient while saving time and reducing expenses.

Business Challenges

Their big challenge was that they didn’t have an automation framework in place for a web based Angular JS application, which is a portal for their dispatching, that could handle processing the data requests necessary to improve their efficiency. This is a critical application to their business and lacking this framework prohibited performing regression testing for new builds and properly fetching the data from the database to automate the test cases and data validations. Without an automation framework present, it also decreased employee efficiency and didn’t allow them to deliver software enhancements quickly to suit their business needs.

Our Solution

The solution to these challenges were to build an automation framework that would successfully process all of the data points for their customer accounts. To achieve the client goals, Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) framework was implemented with Protractor, Typescript, Cucumber along with CI/CD using Jenkins. These implementations would directly reduce their QA foots and increase employee productivity and software solutions, while also reducing expenses and increasing collaboration.

Technologies Used

Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Protractor, Typescript with Cucumber Framework


Zalenium, Docker


Allure Reports

The Results

Created an Automation Framework

Extensive test reports and results

Improved Regression and Smoke Testing Times

Wide test coverage including very edge cases through the data driven Automation Framework

Maintainable and Reusable for Future Enhancements

Cost Efficient

Improved Quality and Employee Efficiency

Ensured consistency

The waste management company saw an immediate improvement with the quality of testing and employee efficiency through the nightly run of automatically scheduled jobs in Jenkins. These actions saved on an average 24 hours per sprint which is 93% savings on Smoke Suite and 87.5% savings on the Regression Suite. They now have a functional automation framework in place that will save time, reduce expenses, and improve employee productivity. It also helped easy identification and debugging of issues that eventually assisted in the delivery of a quality product for the company.