Client Impact Story

Putting customers first

The industry leader in recycling and waste disposal services increases customer satisfaction with live text message support, lowering operating costs

First, the client and their unique needs

The leader in the domestic non-hazardous solid waste industry in North America manages large volumes of customer interactions each day. With an ever-increasing demand for waste management services, the company is making its systems smarter to meet growing business needs and bring more value to its customers.

Even though customers could already get support through the website, web chat or via phone, the company wanted to open a new support channel that would increase convenience for customers while reducing wait times and the overall volume of phone traffic directed at their contact centers. the company decided to pursue the creation of a communication channel where customers could quickly connect with customer support using live SMS messages. By integrating text message support with their omni-channel tool in Salesforce, the company was able to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs through higher agent utilization and a reduction in voice channel overhead.

Business Challenges

Today’s customers are constantly connected through their mobile devices and use more channels to interact with businesses than companies could have ever imagined. Customers now expect businesses to deliver a consistent experience, anywhere and every time, no matter what channel or device they’re using. With many customers already using messaging apps, such as SMS and Messenger on a daily basis, the company decided to pursue a new platform that would allow service agents to have personalized one-to-one conversations using the messaging apps their customers prefer.

Like most companies that already offer service though traditional channels such as phone and email, adding even more channels to the mix presented a lot of unknowns. Would the addition of messaging apps cause a sudden increase in case volume, require extensive training or slow agent productivity? In order to maintain a consistent customer experience and avoid the potentially siloed user experience from one channel to the next, the company needed an omni-channel solution that would allow agents to focus on a set number of tasks and increase efficiency by customizing the amount of work each agent could do at once.

Our Solution

The company decided to implement LiveMessage through Salesforce because it had the potential to increase the efficiency of their live agents and provide personalized and consistent service to their customers using the messaging apps on their mobile device. By utilizing the talent and expertise at MST Solutions, the client was able to create a solution that integrated with their existing omni-channel Salesforce feature and allow agents to access all the information they need from a single console.

MST Solutions had a deep understanding of the business and technical needs and was able to quickly customize the LiveMessage product to allow easy adjustments without breaking the salesforce application. The resulting solution uses Process Builder to recognize short codes of customers to identify their account and route their support requests accordingly. The solution also incorporates automated keyword recognition that allows for configurable automated text messages to respond to customer questions without the need of a live agent. In addition to providing experienced developers, MST Solutions created detailed user guides to speed up the project rollout and system adoption for their contact center agents.

Technologies Used

Service Cloud

Salesforce LiveMessage

Process Builder

The Results

Increased customer satisfaction

Reduced case resolution time and wait times for customers

Reduced reliance on phone calls and expense of providing phone support

With LiveMessage, the company’s customers now get the personalized service they expect instantly, from anywhere, using their mobile device. The solution complements their other service channels and allows contact center agents to easily conduct conversations via text message and retain those conversations within Salesforce. The seamless integration with Salesforce empowers agents to boost productivity and issue resolution effectiveness, while lowering operating costs. With omni-channel routing, conversations from across all channels are automatically routed to the right agent with the right expertise and availability.